Belgium B2B e-invoicing July 2024 – update

March 7, 20230

Type: Draft Legislation

The required implementation of B2B e-invoicing will begin in July 2024, according to the Ministry of Finance of Belgium. This will also provide near-live e-reporting to replace the annual client listing report in addition to e-invoicing. The government still needs to give final approval before submitting the measures to Parliament. 

The ideal strategy in Belgium is a two-stage process that begins with enhanced Continuous Transaction Control pre-clearance with the tax authorities and ends with PEPPOL-based e-invoicing amongst taxpayers. In order to ensure interpretability, Belgium is aiming to synchronize with the EU’s VAT in the Digital Age plans for an EU standard on e-Invoicing (EN 16931) systems throughout the EU. A required structured e-invoicing requirement is anticipated for intracommunity deliveries in the EU starting in 2028 under the Digital Reporting Requirement pillar. 

Belgium will not enforce its own e-invoicing standard as has been done in Italy and Poland. A Peppol 4-corner structure, which is already in use for B2B in Belgium, is probably going to be adopted. Peppol might be the only format, although that has not been decided yet. 

The updated strategy was divided into three phases: 

  • July 2024: Big taxpayers (annual revenue over €9 million); 
  • January 2025: Mid-sized taxpayers (turnover between €7m and €9m); 
  • July 2025 (TBC): small taxpayers (turnover below €7m). 

Effective date: July 2024 


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