Sweden: review of mandatory e-invoicing for B2B and G2B

February 28, 20230

Type: Draft Legislation

Sweden is moving forward with its review of e-invoicing possibilities with industry stakeholders, as initially reported in 2021. To legally appoint a special investigator into digital VAT transaction reporting, Skatteverket (the tax agency), Bolagsverkey (the company registration body), and Digg (the government digital agency) have asked the Swedish Parliament for authorization. B2B, B2G, and B2C transactions are all included. 

After consulting with market participants in 2022 regarding digital reporting and e-invoicing, Skatteverket concluded that adoption would not advance significantly across the economy without mandatory backing, posing a risk of Sweden slipping further behind its Scandinavian neighbors. Furthermore, starting in 2028, the EU intends to make structured e-invoicing mandatory for intracommunity cross-border deliveries. 

Effective date: n/a



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