In Bolivia Third Group of Taxpayer will Join e-Invoice System

November 25, 20220

Type: Legislation

On May 18, 2020, the Bolivian Tax Authority published the Resolution No. 102000000011, announcing the launch of a new electronic invoice system. A specific group of taxpayers (third group, totaling 3,897 taxpayers) will be required to issue and transmit electronic invoices and other fiscal documents beginning in October 2022, according to the most recent Resolution N 102200000010 published on May 18, 2022, by the tax authority (sp. Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales- SIN). 

In December 2021, the new Sistema De Facturacion Electronica (SFE) regime welcomed 171 large (GRACO) and main (PRICO) taxpayers. In April 2022, 2,491 taxpayers were required to implement the new system as part of the second phase. The Virtual Invoicing System is the name of Bolivia’s electronic invoicing system. There are various methods to construct an e-invoice, including the following: 

  • Electronic invoicing online: Issued and digitally signed through a SIN (tax authority), authorized invoicing software; 
  • Computerized Invoicing Online: Issue invoices without digital signature via SIN (tax authority), approved invoicing software; 
  • Web portal invoicing online: For small companies with low invoicing volumes. Enables manual submission to SIN web portal. 

Finally, digitally signed, XML-formatted issued electronic invoices must be preserved for ten years following the date of issuance. 

Effective date: October 2022


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