Brazil Nota Fiscal Eletrônica e-invoicing update

October 25, 20220

Type: Legislation

E-invoicing pioneer, Brazil, is attempting to standardize the services e-invoice, Nota Fiscal de Serviços Eletrônica (NFS-e). Currently, the states and municipalities determine the format locally. Imposto Sobre Serviços de Qualquer Natureza, or ISSQN, is covered by NFS-e.  

Beginning on January 1, 2023, small businesses must adopt Simples Nacional e-invoicing. 

Microbusinesses using the Simples Nacional consolidated tax regime are required to use the centralized portal (CGSN Resolution No. 169 of July 27, 2022). ISS, PIS, Cofins IPI, and ICMS are just a few of the Brazilian taxes that can be reported once using Simples Nacional. The supplier must submit an application to their local certified issuer for a digital signature. A key for creating invoices is provided to them. 


Effective date: 1 January 2023



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