GTC Conference 2022: The 6 Leading Themes on International Tax Dilemmas and Complexities

September 29, 20220

On Tuesday, the 27th of September, the Global Tax Controversy (GTC) network hosted its 2022 Conference on the 6 leading themes on International Tax dilemmas and complexities. Among the speakers and panelists were TPA Global’s CEO, Steef Huibregtse and CFO, Raymund Gerardu, H&M’s Global Head of Tax and TP, Erik Knijnenburg, and International Tax Policy Specialist at Cygnus Tax, Hans van den Hurk.

This year’s conference was focused on 6 whitepapers produced by the GTC network and other international tax experts:

  1. “Ethics of Tax Planning”
  2. “Code of Conduct: Principles for Tax Authorities”
  3. “Tax Footprint”
  4. “Recent Experience on Onshoring of IP”
  5. “How to Set Up a Tax Risk Committee”
  6. “Anti-abuse Clauses – Interpretation Under Treaties”

The series of whitepapers will be published as a booklet in the coming months.

For more information on the GTC network or the conference, please visit:

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