GTC Conference 2022: The 6 Leading Themes on International Tax Dilemmas and Complexities

September 29, 2022by TPA Global0

On Tuesday, the 27th of September, the Global Tax Controversy (GTC) network hosted its 2022 Conference on the 6 leading themes on International Tax dilemmas and complexities. Among the speakers and panelists were TPA Global’s CEO, Steef Huibregtse and CFO, Raymund Gerardu, H&M’s Global Head of Tax and TP, Erik Knijnenburg, and International Tax Policy Specialist at Cygnus Tax, Hans van den Hurk.

This year’s conference was focused on 6 whitepapers produced by the GTC network and other international tax experts:

  1. “Ethics of Tax Planning”
  2. “Code of Conduct: Principles for Tax Authorities”
  3. “Tax Footprint”
  4. “Recent Experience on Onshoring of IP”
  5. “How to Set Up a Tax Risk Committee”
  6. “Anti-abuse Clauses – Interpretation Under Treaties”

The series of whitepapers will be published as a booklet in the coming months.

For more information on the GTC network or the conference, please visit:

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