How customs technology works in a platform-based economy – Illustrations of import and export in the UK as well as in the EU

September 21, 20220

In a world where tax-relevant data becomes a real-time flow of data, the industry is facing multiple challenges to get the creation, collection, rework and sharing of data accomplished.

The transactional arena of customs has been moving towards an e-Customs environment, although at a slower pace compared to the digital transformation of VAT workflows. One of our technology partners eClear has developed various solutions in the arena – not only for VAT but also for customs. Such solutions allow corporates who run their business through platforms and marketplaces to be fully compliant on the customs side. During the webinar, we will address two major trade flows and custom technology considerations:

(i) any import into the UK on the flow of goods coming from the EU; and
(ii) any import of goods into the EU.

As an introduction, TPA Global will illustrate how tax-relevant dataflows will be organized, depending on the means of taxation and the status of the taxpayers (i.e. individual income tax, self-employed versus MNEs). We will also address how to define your Tax Vision 2025 and the Tax Technology Transformation plan (T-3 plan) to get there.

eClears solutions classify as the next generation ‘tax technology agents’, who on behalf of corporate taxpayers take over the compliance and even certain payment flows. eClear is a Pan-European banking regulated payment facilitator providing Customs and VAT Clearing as an embedded checkout solution to marketplaces and digital platforms..

Specific challenges addressed during the webinar include:

– Easy and correct HS Code Classification;
– Landed cost calculations (B2C);
– Cashless DDP delivery – including custom duties and import VAT;
– Customs representation in the country of importation;
– Digital fully automated customs clearance (i.e. bulk clearance options).


  • Steef Huibregtse, CEO at TPA Global
  • Andreas Weidner, Vice President Customs & Trade Compliance at eClear


Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 4:00 – 5:00 PM CET

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