France VAT B2B e-invoicing and B2C e-reporting July 2024 – new use cases

September 9, 20220

Type: Legislation

New technical guidance for the first wave of mandatory electronic reporting and B2B invoicing starting in July 2024 (B2C). 

For the July 2024 launch of its mandatory B2B e-invoicing regime for resident businesses, France has published additional technical guidance. The most recent specifications (v1.3/v2.0) include additions as well as more information on use or “management” cases. This comprises: 

  • Duplicate invoices 
  • Use of VAT margin scheme 
  • Mixed supply invoices 
  • E-invoice flow and issuance methods 
  • Credit note payments 
  • Update of lifecycle statues 

The plans for the launch of B2B e-invoicing and B2C invoice reporting in July 2024 have been clarified by the French tax authorities (Direction Générale des Finances Publiques) as follows: 

  • Sept 2023: The Chorus Pro-based portal, portail public de facturation (or “PPF”), will go live in September 2023, opening the registration process to companies registering themselves and potential certified agents (PDP). 
  • Jan 2024: A pilot will be released for a six-month period for businesses and PDP’s on a voluntary basis 
  • Feb 2024: The first list of confirmed PDP agents will be published at the beginning of 2024. 
  • Jul 2024: launch: 
  • 1 Jul 2024 for large companies (more than 5,000 employees; and either of following: €1.5 billion turnover; or €2 billion balance sheet) 
  • 1 Jan 2025 for medium sized companies 
  • 1 Jan 2026 for small businesses (less than 250 employees; and not exceeding either of following: €50 million turnover; or €43 million balance sheet) 

 Effective date: July 2024 



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