Belgium Expands the B2G Electronic Invoice to All Its Suppliers

May 23, 20220

Type: Legislation

The Royal Decree of March 9 regarding the implementation of electronic invoicing with public administrations was approved by the Belgian government and published in the Belgian Official Gazette on March 31, 2022. 

The decree’s goal is to extend the requirement to issue electronic invoices to all suppliers of the country’s public institutions. The obligation will be gradually increased in accordance with the size of public contracts. 

This obligation already exists for suppliers of multiple region’s centralized entities (Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia). It will now be extended to all public entity suppliers in all regions. 

Belgium joins Italy and France as European countries that have decided to extend the mandatory use of electronic invoices to public sector suppliers, as mandated by European Directive 2014/55. 

Effective date: 31 March 2022 


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