E-Invoicing changes in Serbia in 2022

May 16, 20220

Type: Legislation

From May 2022, Serbia will consider e-invoicing mandatory. Serbia’s e-Invoicing model is based on the so-called clearance model, which is currently being used by countries like Italy and Chile. Transmission and validation of electronic invoices are handled through an interface managed by the tax authorities in this model. Auxiliary system (Sistem za Upravljanje Fakturama or SUF) has been introduced to assist taxpayers with the processing and storage of invoices in addition to the national e-invoicing system (called Sistem E-Faktura). 

The implementation of electronic invoicing will take place in three stages: 

  •  Mandatory G2G and B2G transactions will be the first and will be required starting in May 2022. 
  •  From July 2022 onwards, G2B transactions will be available. 
  •  Finally, by the beginning of January 2023, B2B e-invoices will be required, bringing the phased implementation of mandatory e-invoicing to a close. 

Failure to comply with the electronic invoicing requirement can result in fines of up to 2 million Serbian dinars (around 17,000 Euro). 

Effective date: May 2022 


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