The Tax Administration has enabled the electronic filing of certain tax returns through the “E-Taxes” portal

February 7, 20220

Type: Legislation

The E-Taxes portal is a collection of electronic services of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia, which enables all taxpayers to submit online tax return forms with digital signatures, follow up on the status of sent returns and obtain insight into the tax card of a taxpayer, with the purpose of fulfilling obligations towards the Tax Administration more quickly and easily. This system meets high security standards, which enables safe and uncompromised electronic data transfers. The portal enables taxpayers to fill in, sign and send tax return forms to the Tax Administration. Furthermore, taxpayers can adjust their accounting software to upload files automatically in an appropriate format (XSD schemes and XML samples available in Instructions and forms), sign them digitally and forward them to the Tax Administration through the E-Taxes portal. 

Effective date: 2019-2020 


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