All you need to know on E-Invoice systems and requirements to be tax compliant in the world

December 9, 20210

From a global database to automated delivery of e-invoices to tax authorities

TPA Global is proud to announce an existing topic on the tax and technology building blocks webinar series on ‘e-invoicing’, a combined presentation from our partners TriFinance and SNI Technology Services.

E-invoicing is one of the major waves of digital transformation on the interaction between governments and multinationals. The models in e-invoicing show the current digital strengths of several governments as with the clearance model the tax authorities will ‘real-time’ clear the XBR-versions of invoices. The post-audit model allows validation in hours/days after release of the invoices by corporates.

This webinar will address the following practical features on e-invoices:

  • Does this change the speed and direction on how governments and corporates are interacting?
  • What countries already introduced a clearance model?
  • How many countries are running a post-audit model, and how many of those are expected to move to the clearance model?
  • Which are the common platforms through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other means of sharing the e-invoices?
  • What are the relevant regulatory, financial and IT-technical topics on this field?
  • Which penalties, fines and interest charges are applicable in case of non-compliance?
  • Why would corporates have difficulties not being in compliances with the rules and regulations on e-invoices?

Since e-invoices go beyond the normal tax reporting to governments, this webinar is meant for finance, regulatory, tax, IT and other professionals in governments. In addition, it is meant for corporates involved in the e-invoicing process, including the digital transformation roadmap needed to be(come) ready on this highly demanding process change.



  • December 9th, 2021 @ 3:00 – 4:00 PM CET

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