Towards a digital tax management approach for multinationals

November 3, 20210

In most organizations, a partial digitalization of the tax department has already started with implementing and using specific solutions to solve specific tasks in certain areas. However, in most cases, these organizations have not introduced an overall tax digitalization project that generally supports the tax function.

It is challenging to create a digital transformation roadmap for introducing processes and IT solutions for Tax & Legal automation.

Furthermore, there are many stakeholders outside the tax function that have already started their digital transformation journey. Finance, Legal, Treasury, and other functions in companies have their solutions. At the same time, most heads of taxes have had limited experience in creating and managing such projects. Often tax needs information managed by different departments. Such a multi-function management of data many times requires a broader approach for the journey to become successful.

In this webinar, Blikas CEO, Peter Öhling Ekenstierna, and COO, Lennart Svantesson, together with TPA Global will discuss use cases for tax to go digital.

Key highlights:

The infrastructure

  • The strength of an end-to-end infrastructure
  • Building blocks of the infrastructure for tax, legal, and governance-related work-flows

Flexible processes and management of users

  • How an end-to-end infrastructure will support you to set up more efficient processes for your organization
  • How to manage your tax and other in-house functions in an integrated SAAS solution platform like Blika Practical examples


  • Peter Öhling Ekenstierna, CEO, Blika
  • Lennart Svantesson, COO, Blika


  • 3rd November 2021

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