How do organizations deal with reshaping the tax function of the future?

October 6, 20210

TPA Global is pleased to present our next episode in our webinar series on ‘Building Blocks for Tax’. This session will showcase the Taxera Technologies platform, who are building the world’s first complete solution for indirect tax in the Cloud. Taxera is a platform that not only allows companies to carry out their e-Invoicing submission whether real time invoices, near real-time or something closer to the SAF-T model, all from a single cloud platform, but additionally provides real-time reconciliations, Indirect Tax submissions, Compliance Engine, Analytics and much more from a single global platform.

Taxera provides not only the ability to integrate to any system, but also the full end-to-end process until the submission of the necessary returns, with inbuilt tools to analyze the accuracy, completeness and compliance of the datasets required and submitted in real-time.

By providing a single integrated technology platform, Taxera allows functions in the indirect tax processes from Logistics to Finance to Tax, to have the data at their fingertips and focus on their business.

Key Highlights

  • If you’re a corporate taxpayer, do you have a global view of your indirect tax data, can you view the dataset which the tax authorities requested in the relevant format, with full validation to ease your compliance burden globally?
  • Do you spend a tremendous amount of time manipulating data from your internal systems to meet the requirements of the tax authorities on a country-by-country monthly basis, would automating these processes ease the burden on your function?
  • Are we expecting tax authorities to ramp up their data requests in the future and are you ready to meet these requirements through a single integrated approach?
  • If tax authorities request more data from you in the future, and update and change their mandates, would you be in better shape if you could be able to meet these requests quickly?
  • If data quality and integrity are key dealing with tax risk management, would having the ability to reconcile all your tax datasets at a touch of the button anytime, anyplace?
  • Do you have the skills inhouse to deal with the demands of indirect tax technology tsunami and what steps can you take to mitigate this risk?
  • If your tax function is currently focusing on “what I need to do” would the analytics technology that helps change that to “what I need to know” provide value?

TPA Global and Taxera Technologies will provide you with a variety of examples where tax technology has reached the next phase and where tax technology is expected to move towards and why. A recent publication by the OECD on the Tax Administration 3.0 is already visualizing the situation for the future of tax.


  • Steef Huibregtse, CEO, TPA Global
  • Paul Antunes, Tax and Technology Lead, Taxera Technologies
  • Florent Aubail, Business Management Lead, Taxera Technologies

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