How Do The Tax Authorities Deal With Tax Data Management – Digital Mailbox

April 23, 2021

TPA Global is pleased to present our next episode in our webinar series on ‘Building Blocks for Tax’. This session will showcase the Vizor Software, who, for many years, have been involved in supporting governments on regulatory technology for data received from financial institutions as well as tax technology for data received from taxpayers. Their involvement in more than 40 governments provides us a view on how the tax authorities are expecting to receive the tax relevant data packages from the taxpayers, as well as what techniques are typically used to analyze the accuracy, completeness and compliant nature of the datasets received.

While a tool like TP Genie does populate the 3 tables of a Country-by-country report (CbCr), where next to completing the form, an extensive version of an ‘outliers analytics’ is provided. Vizor Software is developing systems which are doing the same ‘behind the digital mailbox’ on behalf of tax authorities.

Key Highlights

  • If you’re a corporate taxpayer, can you map the dataset which the tax authorities requested in the relevant format with the expectation behind the ‘digital mailbox’, to ease your compliance burden? 
  • If you know how tax authorities do their ‘due diligence’ on datasets received from taxpayers, would this allow you to be in a better shape if you could do the same analysis before filing your tax data through the ‘digital mailbox’?
  • Are we expecting tax authorities to offer APIs and other connectors, so ‘clean tax data’ produced by taxpayers can simply be released to the tax authorities through a single push button in your financial, salary, VAT and other administrations? 
  • How does the ‘outlier analysis’ by tax authorities change the name of the game of ‘tax risk management’ in the not-so-distant future?
  • What are the processes behind the ‘exchange of tax information between tax governments’, i.e., how much synching of data architecture and data management across borders is happening behind the ‘digital mailbox’? 

TPA Global and Vizor Software will provide you with a variety of examples where tax technology has reached the next phase and where the tax technology used by tax authorities is expected move towards. A recent publication by the OECD on the Tax Administration 3.0 is already visualizing the situation for individual taxpayers, self-employed entrepreneurs and MNEs in the year 2030. 


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