A Structured and Automated Model for HQ/SSC/Other Intercompany Service Charges – The 3x3x3 and One Biller Approach

February 10, 2021

TPA Global has designed a full and automated standardized model to charge any intercompany services together with the in-house IT/Finance/Tax teams called “3x3x3”. The first in-house projects were designed and implemented 5 years ago.


OneBiller is the only full-service software solution that centralizes the intercompany accounting function of multinational organizations to automate manual processes and reduce back-office costs, reduce global compliance and tax risks, and optimize resource efficiency without using a pricey license-based implementation model. Using the “3x3x3” design together with the OneBiller implementation, companies will: 

  • Prevent Excessive Indirect Tax Payments Globally
  • Avoid Compliance Risks & Tax Penalties
  • Avoid tax on (deemed) interest payments for unpaid intercompany transactions
  • Provide accurate business performance reporting
  • Improve Productivity of Company Resources

FourQ is the only full-service, complete solution for automating intercompany invoice management for large, multinational organizations and their suppliers. They employ industry-leading expertise to improve shared service productivity while reducing global tax and compliance exposure. 


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