Transfer Pricing and Pharmaceuticals

February 3, 2021


Pharmaceutical and MedTech industries were recently influenced by more stringent regulatory measures of US legislator. In addition, more and more pharmaceutical companies are looking to onshore the IP which was previously in tax-favorable locations. Lastly, the OECD initiatives on Pillar I and II might change the taxation of this industry dramatically. This has put a global value chain of these companies under pressure.

To share best practice advice on this topic, TPA Global organizes a webinar on Tax and Pharma with TPA Global experts – Yariv Ben Dov and Maria Grigoryeva.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

• Leading operating models in the pharmaceutical industry
• Why certain structures do not work anymore;
• Offshoring versus reshoring impact on global value chains;
• Value assessment for HealthTech companies;
• Practical tips for FY2020 documentation given Covid-19 impact on the pharmaceutical industry


• Yariv Ben Dov, TPA Global Member
• Maria Grigoryeva, TPA Global, Head of Global Sales

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