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January 13, 2021

A digital transformation only helps the organization if the tools it embraces are connected to each other, otherwise you’re still putting siloed solutions in place. The real advantage comes when systems “talk” to each other.

Through many conversations with corporates on their digital transformation and on how they decide which technologies to embrace:

Their world today is one big box of individual lego blocks, without the connections which makes it so special.

So, let’s organize and build your lego for tax solutions!

Key is to build your lego for tax using the following criteria:
1. connect to each other seamlessly.
2. Increase efficiency of data and people’s workflows.
3. is easily scalable, both bigger and smaller.
4. Secured so nobody can enter unwanted.

But what does a digital transformation mean to you? That is exactly what we are going to explain to you during the series of webinars around the theme “lego for tax”.

Agenda webinar – The next digital transformation:

1. Lego for Tax – The next Digital Transformation
2. Mobile Compliance Tracker App – How can I control my global tax compliance through my mobile phone?
3. Connectors – Are you fully utilizing your SharePoint environment?
4. RACI governance in the digital age – How to deal with the garbage in garbage out challenge?

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