How to control your global tax compliance through your mobile?

November 2, 2020

Cygnet Infotech / Aeolus release production version of next generation compliance tracker for tax

Cygnet Infotech and Aeolus together launch a universal mobile compliance tracker for tax professionals with the following features:

  • Move your team or deadlines around based on approaching deadlines.
  • Giving control back to the Head of Tax.
  • Through a Mobile app or desktop.

Benefits are:

  • Ease of doing capacity planning.
  • Never miss a file date with the reminder management system.
  • Manually or automatically program your workflows and deadlines.
  • Directly connected to your internal RACI.
  • Save 30 minutes per day on average just on emailing
  • Always be on top of deadlines and capacity on workflows as Head of Tax.

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