2020 Next Generation Compliance Factories

May 13, 2020

Compliance is becoming more and more burdensome due to multiple deadlines and complex requirements. Late filings and errors are commonplace and this can have a significant impact on company finances and reputation.

Meanwhile, CFOs are pushing to cut costs and outsource “routine” compliance tasks. However, reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets as well as simple labour cost arbitrage are not working anymore. Being in such a Catch 22, you might be wondering: How can I organize compliance in a smart way?

TPA Global presents global compliance solutions that allow to organize a smooth process and deal timely and efficiently with risks, compliance and communication to stakeholders. TPA Global also explains examples of compliance projects.

Key Highlights

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for CFOs, Heads of Tax and Transfer Pricing Departments to work on the following areas:
• What are Compliance Factories and why they are needed
• Transformation Process
• Change Management
• Platforms, dashboards and other tools


• Orlando Fijma, TPA Global
• Maria Grigoryeva, TPA Global

TPA Global

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