Getting ready for E-invoicing across the globe: challenges and solutions

April 8, 2020

Tax authorities are increasingly relying on technology for data gathering, exchange of information and analytics. Current digital systems can even provide real-time tax collections, reconciliations and assessments.

In order for companies to stay competitive and up-to-date they need to integrate/adjust those new technologies in their business model. Along with the implementation of the digitalization wave it is highly important that companies have a thorough insight of their tax technology roadmap. A roadmap which allows Corporate organizations to move from ‘Staying out of trouble’ to being ‘Fully in control’.

Digitalization is especially changing the world of invoicing.  Digitized invoicing processes promise enormous cost savings of between 60 and 80 percent compared to paper-based invoicing processes. Increasingly, E-invoicing becomes a legal obligation (e.g. European Directive 2014/55/EU).

So, what exactly is an electronic invoice? What are the challenges in E-invoicing and more important: how do you keep a clear overview on E-invoicing? What are the solutions available in this field? Which countries and/or organizations are making E-invoicing a mandatory process? TPA together with TriFinance will address how to design your tax technology roadmap and further focus on E-invoicing workflows challenges.

Key Highlights of the Webinar

With this objective in mind, TPA Global along with TriFinance invite you to an informative webinar where we will discuss the following:

  • What is E-invoicing and how does it work;
  • Which countries have adopted E-invoicing;
  • What are the main differences in the e-invoicing process worldwide;
  • How to create and implement your tax technology plan;
  • How to choose the most suitable tax technology solution;
  • Implications on Returns and Compliance.
  • David Busby –  Expert Manager Order-to-Cash, TriFinance
  • Maarten Pronk – Expert Manager Purchase-to-Pay, TriFinance
  • Marina Menezes – Associate, TPA Global

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