Tax Technology – Transforming Your Tax Functions To Gain Benefit From Technology

December 18, 2019

Tax authorities are increasingly relying on technology for data gathering, exchange of information and analytics. Current digital systems can even provide real-time tax collections, re-conciliations and assessments. This means the pull-factor to digitalize as an MNE gets stronger by the day.

One of the benefits of automation is that it helps to avoid mistakes in calculations and other repetitive tasks. In order for companies to stay relevant they need to integrate/adjust those new technologies in their business model. Along with the implementation of the digitalization wave it is highly important that a company try to move from ‘Staying out of trouble’ to being ‘Fully in control’. In order to do that a thorough insight of the company’s roadmap is needed.

Key Highlights

The webinar will consider the following:

  • How to effectively adopt and enable tax technology initiatives;
  • The technologies which can positively impact tax functions; and
  • Insight to Tax technology strategy and roadmap.

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