Global Tax Controversy Management – Focus: Digital Economy

October 10, 2019

The BEPS Action Plans, in an attempt to tackle extreme cases of tax evasion, have inevitably blurred the line between strategic tax planning and fraudulent tax evasion for corporate taxpayers. This, coupled with latest publications of the OECD on ‘Fighting Tax Crime’ where taxpayers’ rights find a bleak mention as ‘suspects’ rights’ has given force to many governments to enact a number of aggressive (and often, unjust) regulations.

This is evidently setting the scene for increasing tax controversy at a global level, and even more so, for companies in the digital sector. Whether you are a company providing completely digitalized services or a traditional one just starting to implement digital interfaces or somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, you need a plan for risk management.

Key Highlights

With this objective in mind, we invite you to an informative webinar where we will discuss the following:

  • How to conduct a value chain analysis?
  • How to ensure consistency amongst your global filings?
  • How to identify which regulations impact your current or upcoming business model and how?
  • What types of dispute avoidance and management instruments are available?
  • How should you select a controversy management instrument most suited to your needs?

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