TPA Global Is Expanding Its Global Partner Network To Deliver ‘State Of The Art’ Tax And Transfer Pricing Solutions

April 19, 2019

Given the recent push for more transparency by tax authorities, the BEPS project has also triggered a whole host of governance aspects on tax matters. In order to fully support our multinationals’ clients to be ‘fully in control on their global tax positions’, TPA Global has been building 3 pillars of solutions, which include:

  1. Value Chain Analytics – through a new generation of benchmarking, a quantitative VCA is being performed in BEPS and court compliant manner. These data-analytics do have to connect to your transactional transfer pricing and corresponding 1st generation of benchmarks. Tax authorities will, on a big scale, start doing outlier analysis on a more and more universal ‘tax audit file’ filled with data-points in the near future.
  2. Tax Technology – as an enabler of running data-analytics and to prepare our multinationals for the data-analytics applied by tax authorities, the tax technology software options are starting to get recognized as a ‘must have’ rather than ‘nice to have’ feature of any in-house tax team. TPA Global is working with various IT/Finance/Tax/TP houses to give multinationals access to the latest integrated applications to streamline in-house workflows, (i.e. this is going beyond a ‘tax only’ exercise).
  3. Tax mediation and litigation – through recent tax laws and regulations published, an increasing number of disputes is being expected. A team of very experienced and recognized tax litigators is being mobilized by TPA Global – through a Global Tax Controversy platform – to resolve tax disputes in a much more structured manner. Various famous tax cases published recently are being reworked as ‘training materials’ used in TPA Global workshops to get to the lessons learned, from which multinationals, their boards as well as tax litigators can benefit.

Within the context of the above pillars and sets of solutions, TPA Global is searching to expand its global (60+ countries covered) network by teaming up with active partners who are willing to be trained and guided by the TPA Global expertise above, and be provided with an enhanced scale-ability of TPA Global for rolling out its regional and global solutions.


Are you interested, please contact us at [email protected], or call one of the lead partners below:

Steef Huibregtse              
Chief Executive Officer
Transfer Pricing Associates BV.
T: +31 20 462 3530
E: [email protected]

Raymund Gerardu
Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Financial Officer
TPA Global Group
T: +31 20 894 2557
Mob: +41 79 831 5630
E: [email protected]

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