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BEPS is driving TP compliance costs for MNEs upwards by 25%. With the finalization of Action 13 on October 5th, 2015, Country-by-Country reporting will become a requirement.

Apart from maintaining four layers of TP documentation (as required under BEPS), MNEs are constantly faced with a range of varying tax and TP compliance requirements issued in different jurisdictions.

These existing and emerging regulations need efficient and timely collection and reporting of financial data throughout the organization. This will increase the required manpower which indirectly increases the overall cost of compliance.

Cost effective and efficient

In light of this complex web of requirements, a fundamental question to consider is: “How can you ensure better control over your organisation and manage your tax/TP function in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner?”
In today’s digitalized world, this can be effectively addressed through TPA Global’s automated software solutions which can increase the efficiency of your TP compliance cycle by 50%.

Example: Automated Country-by-Country Reporting

TPA Global, serving as a one-stop-shop for automating your TP workflows, offers 10 key TP software functionalities that will improve the efficiency of your TP compliance cycle.
The example below illustrates key project phases of automating Country-by-Country reporting through software solution:

How can we help

Through its diverse portfolio of software offerings TPA Global is ready to assist you in diagnostics, design and implementation stages of TP software solutions:

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